Well, I won’t even pretend that this was unexpected; it was coming for a while now. I knew it, I tried stopping it, but the damage was already done and by the time I fully grasped the gravity of the situation, it was too late.

Now I have to face the consequences of my actions; I can’t help but feel defeated, like I’ve failed, like I’m moving in the wrong direction – backwards, when I should be going forward.

But I have to find a silver lining in this one or I’ll go mad. And I suppose it does have it’s perks – like spending more time with my baby sis.

Square One

Square One

Either way… it’s back to square one; I fought a decent enough fight – 3 years since my last relapse. Now let the recovery begin.

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  1. cornflower

    #1 avtor cornflower dne 8.09.2011 - 18:14

    grasping the gravity of the situation… the only line that stayed in my memory from CSI:Miami.

  2. #2 avtor Sunshine dne 9.09.2011 - 21:28

    Que pasa? :(

  3. Devon

    #3 avtor Devon dne 12.09.2011 - 08:45

    mucho… :) tomamos un cafe pronto y te lo cuento todo, ok? :)

  4. #4 avtor Sunshine dne 12.09.2011 - 20:41

    Perfecto! Me encantaría!

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